Monday, April 8, 2013

How to Make Money on Ebay using Ebay! - A Quick Brief

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Ebay, as everybody may know, is an online auction giant.  Since it started it's operation back in the mid 90's, Ebay has grown into a multi-billion dollar company.  Their success is reliant solely upon successful business strategies and acquisitions.  Today, Ebay owns one of the most widely used online money transfer service in PayPal, as well as classifieds' mogul Kijiji.

Although Ebay is more known to the consumer industry rather than in business,  it is by far one of ecommerce's most sought after business solutions.  Boasting literally thousands of successful online business merchants and entrepreneurs, Ebay excels on all aspects of ecommerce.

New users will find that selling on Ebay is the quickest and easiest way to make money online.  With millions of visitors each day, all you would need to start an online sales business is a few hundred dollars and an Ebay account.

To start generating income, simply use Ebay auctions to make purchases for your sales inventory.  This is the most practical method for new Ebay Sellers because you can easily bid on products you know will sell above the bidded price.  After stocking up on inventory using this method, the next step is to open an Ebay Store.  Using your Ebay Store, you will now relist and sell the inventory you had purchased at a profitable price.  The following list is a demonstration:
  1. Find a suitable niche to start your Ebay business.
  2. Search Ebay for wholesale lots and items.
  3. Use Ebay's auctioning platform to purchase your inventory, keep in mind to buy low and sell high.
  4. Open an Ebay Store.
  5. Use your Ebay Store to re-list your inventory at a profitable price.
  6. Redo steps 3 and 5 continually.
  7. Add legitimate Wholesalers and Dropshippers to increase volume, sales, and revenue.

The reason this strategy works is because a lot of Ebay's traffic are people wanting to make immediate purchases for items they want, rather than having to wait for auctions to expire.  So by simply applying this buy/sell strategy on a continuous basis, new "Ebayers" should come to expect profitability within their first few months of business.

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