Wednesday, April 10, 2013

PTC (Paid to Click) Business Model

The "Paid to Click" (PTC) business model is one that refers to a business looking to help advertisers generate revenue by supplying paid for click-throughs on advertisements.  This however, is ironic because the advertisers that endorses these PTC businesses for their revenue are actually paying to crowdsource people to their business for money instead.

Unlike traditional methods of PPC (Paid Per Click) advertising like with Google Adwords whereas you would get quality content click-throughs.  The paid to click industry generates it's own revenue by marketing a portion or percentage of it's advertising fee to a subscribed group of paid clickers.  This in turn, creates bad return on investments (ROI) for the advertiser's because the paid clickers are not interested in becoming potential clients but rather it's for the money they receive to click on ads.

Tho as bad as it may seem, there are an abundance of these PTC internet companies thriving off of other online businesses and merchants, here's an example, watch video below.


  1. I am using PTC too, and its working fine. I am still on the beginning, but its OK.
    I am using this two websites:

  2. But you make good and easy money with PTC!!!

  3. You are right the ROI can be terrible, but it is all about taking a chance.

    I think advertisers know the deal however, they are willing to gamble that their ad catches somebody's interest.