Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Crowdsourcing Cut Short

Crowdsourcing - The term generally relates to a gathering of people in a network online and off.  This network of people establishes itself as a resource to projects committed by companies or individuals.  Crowdsourcing can be used in many ways; data collecting; project analyzing; fundraising; etc.  Although crowdsourcing was recently termed, it was already amongst society before it's recent surge on the internet.  An example of this would be consumer research, whereas it utilizes the masses of people to improve products and services.

In today's world, crowdsourcing has been increasingly popular, especially online.  There are virtually countless of companies looking into crowdsourcing as ways to cut cost or provide feedback.  Many of these companies now outsource the crowd as a cost effective way to provide and handle solutions.  Online agencies now use crowdsourcing as a fulfillment to complete client projects rather than having to do the work themselves.  Examples of these type of agencies are as follows;,, and amongst many others.

Although crowdsourcing benefits companies that employs it, that's not necessarily the case for it's "crowd employees".  Some of these crowd workers only get paid a nominal fee due to most jobs being microtasked by myriads of people.  Nevertheless, crowdsourcing is more about optimizing solutions on a mass scale rather than economic achievement.

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